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Celebrating 25 Years

2023 Annual Regional CTLPA Conference
June 11-14 2023 - Trelawny, Jamaica


Theme: "Unmasking Innovation: Re-defining and Retooling Student Support"

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Join us for the upcoming Annual Regional CTLPA Conference scheduled for June 11-14,  2023 in Trelawny, Jamaica! We have a line up of amazing speakers and presentations that will allow you to #SHARE, #CONNECT AND #LEARN at #2023CTLPA!

Register via the Conference 2023 tab and review our easy payment options. We encourage you follow us and invite a student services colleague to join the conversation.

About the CTLPA

The Caribbean Tertiary Level Personnel Association (CTLPA) is a professional organization that facilitates learning, development and professional advancement for student services personnel. This is done with an aim to enhance continuous effectiveness in facilitating student learning and development in tertiary level institutions. The CTLPA analyzes trends in higher education inclusive of the student profiles and uses this data to inform policy, practices and implement programmes that prepare students to function effectively in a global economy.


About the Conference

The Annual Conference is one of the avenues for the promotion of professional development of student services professionals. Participants are exposed to recent related research; local, regional and international developments that impact higher education; evolving theories that reflect changes in student characteristics; showcases of best practices in the delivery of student services and the opportunity to be part of a professional network. As a regional organization, each year the Conference is held in a different Caribbean country. It attracts participation from over seven to nine locations in the region and the USA. These participants represent various colleges and universities.


An Invitation to attend the Conference

An invitation is extended to faculty, student services personnel, resident advisors, graduate students, university and college administrators, representatives from the private and public sector and other interested individuals, to attend the CTLPA’s  26th Annual Conference which will be held June 11 – 14, 2023. What an exciting time as the conference will be hosted under the theme 'Unmasking Innovation: Re-defining and Retooling Student Support.'


Conference proposals should be in keeping with the conference theme and should highlight one or more of the following:

  1. Strengthening Administrative Frameworks

  2. Rethinking Student Engagement

  3. Fostering Partnerships in Higher Education

  4. Health and Wellness as a Critical Element in the New Normal

  5. Quality Assurance and Programme Evolution


Presentation -1 hour (inclusive of question-and-answer session) Showcase - Highlighting best practices in programme delivery or topical issue in student services - 30 minutes inclusive of a question and answer session. The proposal should include an Abstract of no more than 250 words and should outline the learning outcomes. An Abstract must reflect the content of the presentation accurately and must correlate to the listed topics and key words. It must include all information considered necessary by the presenter to merit the selection of the paper.




• Re-Defining Student Services in a Technology-Driven World

• Transforming Student Support Services from a Global Perspective

• Transformation, Connectedness, Mindset, and Hope for the Future

• Learning, Unlearning, Re-Learning Together: The Power of Student-Practitioner-Industry Partnerships

• Redefining the Face of Student Support Services in the Post-Covid Era

• Creating and Nurturing Partnerships With Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to Increase Student Engagement

• Innovation in Programming and Practice to Foster Student Success: Post Covid-19

• Re-Imaging And Aligning Student Experience to Success in a Post Covid-19 Environment

• Unmasking the Discussions on Mental Health and Student Support

• (Any other relevant theme)


To learn more about this year’s Conference please visit our CTLPA’s website: or email our headquarters at



Shavon Hutchinson Administrator

c/o CTLPA Headquarters University of the West Indies,

Mona Campus, Kingston 7 Jamaica


Deadline for submissions: Friday, April 28, 2023 Proposals should be submitted to: We look forward to you joining us at the conference this year!

Team CTLPA is represented at ACPA Convention 2022, St Louis, USA.


Dr Jacqueline Huggins, Shavon Huchinson, Dian Bailey and Kevin Snaggs attended the ACPA Convention 2022 held in St Louis, USA from March 6 to 9, 2022. Our CTLPA members are seen here enjoying enriching discussions and networking with international colleagues in Student Affairs globally.


CTLPA'S Executive meets with International Association of Student Affairs and Services

On Friday 19th November the following members of the CTLPA Executive and membership enjoyed a zoom meeting with International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS). IASAS is a worldwide association of University professionals working in the area of ​​student services. IASAS has more than 1500 individual and institutional members representing 95 countries on five continents. IASAS was born from the need to consolidate the knowledge and professionalism of the student affairs staff who work to provide students with residential services, study support, sport and cultural activities that create the optimal conditions for the university life and help develop the potential of each student. Since 2013 IASAS has been based in Brussels, as a legally recognized entity under Belgian law.

This meeting facilitated discussions about issues happening globally in Student Services. The following CTLPA Members attended:

Dr. Jacqueline Huggins - President

Ms. Ronique Rhoden - President Elect

Ms. Julie-Ann Guy - Secretary

Mrs. Beverley Ellis - Treasurer

Ms. Amanda Best-Noel - Public Relations Officer

Dr Anne Marie Williams - Jamaica Chapter President

Dr Joy Cox - International Coordinator - ACPA

Ms. Simone Williams - Member

Ms. Keresha Larmond - Member



Join us for the 2022 CTLPA Conference Experience from June 26-29 2022! Join the conversation about student services in the Caribbean region.

If you are searching for a professional development organization and desire to be a change agent in the Higher Education Caribbean context, then CTLPA is here for you.

Mailing Address: Caribbean Tertiary Personnel Association
C/o Office of Place & Career Services

University of the West Indies,
Mona Campus, Kingston 7,


Telephone: 876-977-6321 / 876-855-4752


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